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Africa 2020 forecasts - The Economist

Of the ten countries expected to see the highest economic growth next year, three are in Africa.

According to the publication “The World in 2020″, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast are the three countries on the continent that will record the greatest increase in wealth.

According to the annual publication of “The Economist”, the Angolan economy will increase taxes and cut subsidies to improve its fiscal health and promote investment in the oil sector. Even with the reforms, an economic contraction of less than 2% is estimated, with an improvement expected from 2021.

As for Cameroon, President Paul Biya will face inflation of around 1.6%, and a GDP growth rate of 3.5%. In Egypt, the government will continue economic reforms in order to attract foreign investment, under the auspices of the IMF. This scenario would see growth of 5.1%.

The Ethiopian Government is expected to face weak political opposition as it tries to focus its investments in the infrastructure, electricity and special industrial zones sectors, achieving GDP growth of 7.4%.

The President of Kenya, in turn, will continue to invest in the “BIG FOUR” program, with development in health, housing, food security and manufacturing. GDP growth will reach 5.6%.

In Morocco, the stability of King Mohammed VI and trade with the European Union allow inflation to be close to zero, with GDP growth at around 2.6%.

In Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, GDP is expected to grow by 2%. And as for South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to see the economy grow by 1.6%.