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President of IPDAL in Conference at Lusíada University

The President of IPDAL was invited to teach a class on the Postgraduate Course in Euro-African-American Integration, at Lusíada University.

On February 23rd, Paulo Neves spoke about “Portugal and Relations with Latin America”.

The course, whose organization and dissemination was supported by IPDAL, has as guests the current Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Rui Machete, and two of his predecessors, Ambassador António Martins da Cruz and Luís Amado, the Deputy Minister and Regional Development, Miguel Poiares Maduro, the Ambassadors of Brazil, Argentina and Peru in Portugal, the MEP Francisco Assis, the deputy to the Assembly of the Republic Carlos Zorrinho, the director of the European Parliament office in Portugal, Pedro Valente da Silva and the former Portuguese Ambassador to Brazil and France and former Secretary of State for European Affairs, Francisco Seixas da Costa, among others.