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President of IPDAL at the 5th CAF-LSE Conference

Paulo Neves participated in the seminar organized by CAF – Development Bank of Latin America and the London School of Economics.

On January 19th, in London, the topic “Leadership, resilience and development for an era of instability” was debated with several international experts, policymakers, academics and opinion makers.

The major challenges that Latin America faces in the global context, increasingly marked by unpredictability, were discussed. It was highlighted that although the region is not at the center of the geopolitical changes and crises affecting the world, it is inevitably affected by them and cannot escape phenomena such as climate change.

Luís Enrique Berrizbeitia, executive vice-president of CAF and Chris Alden, co-director of Global South Unit from LSE who gave the opening and closing speeches, and also David Choquehuanca, General Secretary of ALBA-TCP, who gave the event’s masterful dissertation. This meeting was also attended by Patrícia Majluf, vice-president of Oceana Perú; Oliver Sartor, Climate and Energy researcher; Isabel Hilton, editor and founder of China Dialogues ; Daniel Calleja, director general for Environment at the European Commission and Susan Nicolai, senior researcher for Development, Poverty and Inequality.