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Political Rentrée with João Duque

The former President of the Higher Institute of Economics and Management (ISEG) was IPDAL’s guest for the 2014/2015 political interview.

João Duque highlighted the positive external situation, which creates extraordinarily favorable conditions for Portugal to continue on the path of economic growth. The professor highlighted, however, that attracting investment is an essential factor for this wealth creation to be confirmed.

On September 17, 2014, at Grémio Literário, the economist also shared his predictions for the next political year, spoke about the implications of the BES case, about relations between the European Union and Mercosur, among other topics raised by the guests .

Ambassadors and diplomats from Latin America and several European countries, deputies to the Assembly of the Republic, members of cabinets of ministers and secretaries of state, former rulers of Portugal, sponsors, members and Friends of IPDAL were present.