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IPDAL discusses EU-Mercosur agreement

III Atlantic Business Forum explains sectors benefiting from the European Union-Mercosur agreement, as well as opportunities in the Pacific Alliance.

The initiative, organized by IPDAL with the support of COSEC and Sintra City Council, was divided into two panels. In the first, ambassadors from the Pacific Alliance member states presented business opportunities in their respective countries. In the second panel, the ambassadors of the countries that make up Mercosur explained to Portuguese businesspeople the potential that opens up with the agreement signed with the European Union.

The Forum was also attended by AICEP, which called for greater investment by Portuguese businesspeople in Latin America. The President of the Administrative Council of COSEC, Maria Celeste Hagatong, presented a successful case of an export to Chile, which was made possible by the Portuguese company’s credit insurance.
The Mayor of Sintra, Basílio Horta, defended an increase in business competitiveness and economic freedom, to make markets more attractive, and congratulated IPDAL for carrying out this initiative.

The initiative took place on September 23, 2019, at Palácio Valenças, in Sintra.