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I "Caribbean & Portugal: Unveiling Opportunities"

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation presided over the Opening of the 1st Forum “Caribbean & Portugal: Unveiling Opportunities”.

Teresa Ribeiro was the Guest of Honor of IPDAL and the EU-LAC Foundation in this initiative which, for the first time, brought ambassadors from Caribbean countries to Portugal to talk about the importance of their countries.

At Lusíada University, two representatives from the European Foreign Action Service were also present, including the Coordinator of the ACP Group within the European Commission, the former Director General of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and Ambassador in Brussels.

On April 20th, the strategic value of this sub-region in the global context was discussed and the state of its dialogue and negotiations with the European Union was presented. The case study of the Portuguese company with the most experience of work carried out in the Caribbean was also presented, CESO, as a development consultant.