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I Business Forum Portugal - Latin America "Business Opportunities"

IPDAL will organize a business meeting next January in Lisbon. Interested companies must contact IPDAL showing their interest in participating.



Goal: Portuguese companies, from various sectors of activity, present themselves to Latin American Embassies and other players, demonstrating their interest in exporting and/or investing in Latin America. This is an exclusive meeting where there will be an exchange of interests: ambassadors in achieving economic relations coinciding with the interest of Portuguese companies in investing and exporting to new markets.

This is an exclusive meeting with Latin American Ambassadors in Portugal – mediated by IPDAL – with the aim of opening business opportunities, identifying partnerships through formal networks with institutional weight. The Embassies will be able to facilitate contacts with companies, institutions and official bodies in their respective countries. They may also mediate market research visits. To do this, they need to know the companies interested in their markets. This is the opportunity.

It is also a very valuable networking opportunity.

Participants: companies from various export sectors with interests in expanding their foreign markets. They may already be present in Latin America but have the intention of growing in the region. There will also be companies that want to set up shop or export to Latin America for the first time.

Organizer: IPDAL, Institute for Promotion and Development in Latin America. Institute created in 2005. It has carried out various mediation activities between Portuguese companies and Latin American countries. (see activities in www.ipdal.org )

Procedure: each company/institution will have 15 minutes to make a presentation (they can use PowerPoint, show a film or distribute material). Then follows a short question and answer period. There will be a new opportunity for direct contacts between businesspeople and diplomats during lunch.