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Business Mission to Uruguay

IPDAL organized, between the 20th and 24th of April, a new Business Mission to Uruguay.

During those days, the various companies that were part of the Mission maintained contacts and meetings with potential business partners. The companies’ business areas ranged from Construction and Public Works, to consultancy companies, food importers and investors. The organization of the various work meetings was the responsibility of IPDAL, which had the support of several official Uruguayan and Portuguese bodies. The Portuguese delegation had meetings with members of the Government of Uruguay and large companies and local institutions, such as the Council of Presidents of Intendants of Uruguay (Municipal Chambers).

The Head of the Portuguese Mission in Uruguay, António Alves de Carvalho, held a welcome meeting with the entire delegation at the beginning of the visit. The Portuguese diplomatic representative hosted a dinner attended by the President of IPDAL and all members of the delegation.

A businessman who participated in this Mission highlighted “the quality of the interlocutors in the many meetings he held” adding that “good business prospects opened up”. The President of IPDAL was “quite satisfied with the result of this Mission”. IPDAL has already carried out other Business Missions to Uruguay, as well as to Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Argentina. According to the President of IPDAL, missions to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Colombia are on the agenda.