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AICEP President meets with Ambassadors

IPDAL organized a working meeting between the President of AICEP and the Ambassadors of Latin America.

On July 13th, Luís Castro Henriques spoke about the importance of the Latin American region in the strategy of the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal.

At the Literary Grémio, the President of AICEP also characterized Portugal’s economic relations with Latin American countries and the opportunities for Portuguese companies, as well as for Latin American ones.

The initiative was intended to present the Portuguese State’s economic diplomacy agenda to ambassadors and diplomatic representatives from one of the regions of the world that has experienced the greatest growth in recent decades and where successive Portuguese governments have invested most.

Also present were the Executive Secretary of the CPLP, the Director of the European Investment Bank, the President of SOFID, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and large companies in the pharmaceutical, engineering, infrastructure, information technology, tourism, industry, transport, legal sectors. and banking.

We also remember that an identical initiative had already been organized, in July 2014, with the previous president of AICEP, Miguel Frasquilho.