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V latin american sunset party

Ambassadors from around the world at an event to promote Latin American culture.

The Sunset Party Latinoamericana, organized by IPDAL, reached its fifth edition on July 19, 2016.

In partnership with Visabeira Turismo and Restaurante Zambeze, the initiative was attended by around 200 guests, including dozens of Ambassadors and diplomats from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, deputies to the Assembly of the Republic, representatives of the Presidency of the Republic and Government of Portugal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, businesspeople, academics, journalists and friends of the Institute. This initiative was also possible thanks to the partners of IPDAL Abreu Advogados, Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Sotheby’s.

The Embassies of Latin America once again joined the event, offering their respective typical drinks and traditional crafts to decorate the space and recreate the Latin American atmosphere.

The President of IPDAL, Paulo Neves, highlighted everyone’s presence for the success of the initiative and left a word of solidarity with the representatives of countries that have been targets of terrorist attacks.