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President of IPDAL at dinner at the MNE

The dinner at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) served to celebrate the “Ambassadors”. This is an initiative by Secretary of State Luís Campos Ferreira to take ambassadors accredited in Portugal to visit various areas of the country.

In his speech, the member of the government highlighted IPDAL, AICEP and AEP for their work in promoting Portugal abroad. Luís Campos Ferreira highlighted the various initiatives carried out by IPDAL to strengthen Portugal’s diplomatic and economic relations with Latin American countries, strongly praising the Institute’s work.

The dinner was attended by more than 20 ambassadors, some Mayors, the President of the Government of Madeira, a member of the Government of the Azores, the presidents of AEP, IPDAL, AICEP and senior leaders of the MNE.

For Paulo Neves, “the Ambassadorial initiative was one of the MNE’s most original initiatives”. The President of IPDAL recalled that “IPDAL itself periodically carries out ambassadors’ trips to various regions of the country”. In July 2015, IPDAL and the office of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs even arranged one of these Institute trips with an Ambassadorship.