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National days

IPDAL was present at several National Days receptions in June and July. On June 24th was the Reception of the Ambassadors of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The reception took place at the official Residence of the Ambassadors in Lisbon. July 14th was French National Day. The reception hosted by the French Ambassador took place at the Palácio de Santos. On July 15th, the Reception hosted by the Ambassador of Egypt took place, on his country’s National Day. It was in the gardens of his Residence in Restelo, in Lisbon. IPDAL was also present at the Belgian National Day Reception, which was celebrated at the Belgian Ambassador’s Residence, on the 21st of July. On July 29th, a lunch was held to celebrate the National Day of the Swiss Confederation. It was at the Ambassador’s Residence. The National Day of the Kingdom of Morocco took place on the 30th of July at the Residence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom in Portugal.