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IPDAL reinforces presence in BTL

Through the Institute’s stand, Latin America increased its visibility at the largest tourism fair in Portugal.

With the aim of taking more Portuguese tourists to destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, IPDAL reinforced its participation in the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL).

Between the 1st and 4th of March, IPDAL hosted a stand with information and articles typical of the various countries in the region. Hundreds of visitors passed through the Institute’s space, including professionals such as travel agents, tour operators and businesspeople in the tourism sector, as well as the general public, interested in getting to know Latin American tourist destinations.

IPDAL, with the support of several embassies, was also responsible for organizing a happy hour with entertainment, dances, music, drinks and Latin American food, which filled the space of APAVT – Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies.

IPDAL is grateful for the support of all embassies in Latin America and the Caribbean, residents and non-residents, and APAVT.