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IPDAL organizes ambassadors' visit to the Algarve

The Institute took the Latin American Ambassadors on another official visit to the country, this time to the Algarve.

Between the 2nd and 6th of December 2015, the Institute organized a working visit to this region for the second time. The delegation was received by the Mayor of Albufeira, the municipality where it was based.

After the official hearing, in the Town Hall, there was a visit to the city’s most emblematic places: main historical monuments, cultural attractions and tourist sites.

Before the inauguration of the XLI APAVT Congress, on December 3rd, the delegation was also invited to a lunch with the Mayor, where it was possible to make more institutional and business contacts.

The visit continued with the work of the main tourism congress in the country – where IPDAL once again had a stand to promote Latin American destinations – and the participation of ambassadors in the various moments of the program.