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IPDAL invites Caribbean Ambassadors to Lisbon

The Secretary General of IPDAL met with the Caribbean Ambassadors in Brussels to prepare joint initiatives in Portugal.

The meeting, which took place under the auspices and presence of the Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation, Ambassador Paola Amadei, took place at the Embassy of Guyana in Brussels.

On February 20th, IPDAL presented the VI Meeting “Strategic Triangle: Latin America – Europe – Africa” and the I Meeting “Portugal – Caribbean”, initiatives that will take place one after the other. The Caribbean Ambassadors were invited to participate in these two activities, as a form of multidisciplinary approach to Portugal.

IPDAL also invited these countries to participate in the space that the Institute will have on the Lisbon Tourism Exchange, promoting their tourist destinations.

IPDAL’s approach to Caribbean countries is being carried out in partnership with EU-LAC Foundation .