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IPDAL holds business forum “Medicine and Health Products”

The Institute for the Promotion and Development of Latin America (IPDAL), in collaboration with the Order of Pharmacists, held a business forum dedicated to promoting the internationalization of Portuguese pharmaceutical companies in Latin America.

The President of AICEP declared, at the end of the work, that “two priorities of the Portuguese Government were brought together: Latin America and the pharmaceutical sector”. Dr. Pedro Reis also assured that AICEP follows “closely and with great enthusiasm the work of IPDAL” and wished that there were “more institutions like IPDAL for other areas of the planet”.

On October 10, 2013, at the Fontana Park Hotel in Lisbon, the Business Forum “Medicines and Health Products” began with a breakfast attended by the Secretary of State for Innovation, Investment and Competitiveness, Dr. Pedro Pereira Gonçalves.

This initiative brought together, for a morning, the Ambassadors of Latin America with the main Portuguese companies in the areas: Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Devices, Services and Pharmaceutical Logistics.

The President of Infarmed and Caixa Geral de Depósitos were also present.

IPDAL presented the business missions it carries out in Latin America and it was planned to organize a work and prospecting trip to some of the markets considered most relevant to the sector.