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IPDAL distinguishes Ambassador of Panama

The Institute for the Promotion and Development of Latin America presented the IPDAL – Vista Alegre Award to the Ambassador of Panama, Federico Richa.

The tribute took place at Grémio Literário, in Lisbon, and was attended by several Ambassadors, Businesspeople, Friends and Members of IPDAL.

Ambassador Federico Richa Humbert has headed the Panamanian Diplomatic Mission in Portugal since 2009, now returning to his country.

The President of IPDAL praised the Ambassador’s role as a diplomat and Friend, highlighting the Visit that the President of the Republic of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, paid to Portugal in 2013.

Ambassador Federico Richa considered the role that IPDAL plays in relations between Portugal and Latin America to be decisive, contributing to a greater rapprochement between countries and Ambassadors.

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Luis Campos Ferreira joined this ceremony, sending a message praising the work, commitment and professionalism of Ambassador Richa.

The IPDAL – Vista Alegre award distinguishes the entities and personalities who, in a more notable way, promoted Latin America and supported IPDAL in the development of its activities, but also the Latin American Ambassadors who stood out most in the work of bringing their countries to Portugal

With the IPDAL – Vista Alegre Award, the Deputy Prime Minister of Portugal, Paulo Portas, the former Secretary General of SEGIB, D. Enrique Iglesias, Luís Amado, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador António Almeida Ribeiro, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Basílio Horta, at the time President of AICEP, Fernando Santo, former Secretary of State for Justice and former President of the Order of Engineers, Ambassador Nestor Popolizio, former Ambassador of Peru in Portugal, Ambassador Jorge Faurie, from Argentina and Ambassador Eduardo González, from Cuba, among others.