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IPDAL delivers Policy Paper

IPDAL delivered the policy paper with the conclusions of the VII “Strategic Triangle” to the European Commission and the European Parliament.

On October 23rd, the President and Secretary General of the Institute were received at the representation of the European Commission in Portugal and at the Information Office of the European Parliament.

IPDAL leaders presented the conclusions and improvement proposals that were launched during the VII Meeting “Strategic Triangle: Latin America – Europe – Africa” , held in May 2018.

These meetings are part of the Institute’s annual strategy of making the most relevant national and international institutions and authorities aware of the practical results of its initiatives. At the VII Strategic Triangle Meeting, the following participated, among others:

  • Alfonso Dastis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain ;
  • António Martins da Cruz, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal ;
  • Daniel Proença de Carvalho, former Minister of Social Communication of Portugal ;
  • Diego Aulestia, former Minister of Urban Development and Housing and Minister of Foreign Trade of Ecuador ;
  • Enrique Iglesias, former Iberoamerican Secretary General , Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay It is President of the Inter-American Development Bank ;
  • Eurico Brilhante Dias, Secretary of State for Internationalization from Portugal;
  • Fathallah Oualalou, former Minister of Economy and former Minister of Finance of Morocco ;
  • Federico Ramón Puerta, former President of the Argentine Republic ;
  • Guillermo Fernández de Soto, CAF Corporate Director to Europe and ancient Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia ;
  • Jorge Faurie, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina ;
  • Jorge Moreira da Silva, OECD Director for Development and Cooperation it’s old Minister of Environment, Energy and Territorial Planning of Portugal ;
  • José García Belaunde, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru ;
  • José Ignacio Salafranca, Member of the European Parliament ;
  • Kim Kreilgaard, Director European Investment Bank ;
  • Luís Correia, Mayor of Castelo Branco City Council ;
  • Luiz Figueiredo Machado, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil ;
  • Maria do Carmo Silveira, CPLP Executive Secretary ;
  • Mariangela Rebuá, Deputy General Secretary SEGIB ;
  • Miguel Frasquilho, chairman TAP ;
  • Mohammed T. Mouline, Director General of the Institut Royal des Études Stratégiques ;
  • Petre Roman, ancient Prime Minister of Romania ;
  • Ricardo Rio, President of Braga City Council ;
  • Susana Malcorra, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina It is Chief of Staff of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon;
  • Vanessa d’Ambrosio, former Captain Regent of San Marino It is Youngest Head of State in the World .