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IPDAL collaborates: SATA International flies to help Haiti

A SATA Internacional plane took off on April 12th from Lisbon with more than two tons of humanitarian aid material.

Medicines and other goods are on board SATA’s Airbus A310 to help a population badly affected by the January earthquake in Haiti.

Shortly after the catastrophe, the airline made itself available to collaborate with Portuguese humanitarian organizations in Haiti through its weekly flight to the Dominican Republic (a country bordering Haiti), in which it provided space for the transport of humanitarian aid material.

A team of volunteers was formed, including employees from SATA, Flying Dreams, and the A310 took on board two tons of medicines, food, consumables and other materials for a series of institutions that are in Haiti providing humanitarian aid: AMI, Médicos do Mundo, Clube Solidariedade Internacional, and IPDAL, Institute for the Promotion and Development of Latin America.

These organizations, in collaboration with the Dominican Republic and the Red Cross, will build an orphanage school for Haitian children near the border between the two countries.

The two tons of humanitarian material that left Lisbon were the first batch of eight collected in Portugal since the earthquake