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II Forum Portugal - Caribbean and Central America

Institute brings International Organizations and ambassadors from the sub-region to Portugal.

Organized by IPDAL, in partnership with the European University, the II Forum Portugal-Caribbean and Central America discussed the sub-regional Strategic Partnership of this group of countries with the European Union and in particular with Portugal.

The initiative included the participation of the Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation, Paola Amadei, and the Secretary General of the Central American Social Integration Secretariat (SISCA), Alfredo Suárez Mieses, who sent a video message especially for this initiative. In his speech, the head of SISCA made a point of praising the work of IPDAL and the effort made by the Institute to bring the region closer to Portugal.

The ambassadors of Cuba, El Salvador, Eastern Caribbean States, Honduras, Jamaica and Suriname were also present. It should be noted that some of these countries accepted IPDAL’s invitation despite not yet having diplomatic relations with Portugal.

On May 7th, the challenges and potential for deepening these relations were highlighted, particularly in the economic-financial, maritime, environmental, cultural, tourism and development cooperation spheres. The importance of universities in the transfer of knowledge and exchanges between experts and students was also highlighted.