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Ecuador and Bolivia lead improvements in socioeconomic indicators

According to the Latinobarómetro study, Ecuador and Bolivia were the countries in the region that recorded the most significant socioeconomic progress.

These progresses are relative to public perception and, overall, these two countries were able to improve their indicators.

According to the public opinion study – which has been monitoring the development of democracy, economy and society in Latin America for 20 years – Ecuador is the country where the majority of citizens understand that the distribution of wealth is fair (49% of the population) . In Bolivia, this number rises to 42%.

With regard to the perception of insecurity, the positive numbers in Ecuador and Nicaragua stand out, countries where less than half of the population feels insecure.

Ecuador also leads the ranking of the quality of democracy – 56% of the population believes that it is governed for the good of society – followed by Uruguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

The results of the study indicate that the countries with the most transparent Governments in the region are Uruguay (61%) and Ecuador (59%). In line with this thinking, 50% of Ecuador’s population believes that the country has made progress in reducing corruption.
The Latinobarómetro survey has been produced for 20 years by the Latinobarómetro Corporation, based in Chile and supported by the IDB and CAF.