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Businessman Daniel Noboa won the presidential elections in Ecuador with 52.1% (5,162,840) of the votes against 47.9% (4,764,447 million) of his opponent, the “correísta” Luisa González in an election where the winner would always history being either the youngest president in the country’s history or the first woman elected to the nation’s main office.

A manager by training, Noboa has only two years as a Member of Parliament (2021-2023) as political experience. The new president is the son of Álvaro Noboa, the richest man in Ecuador and a five-time candidate for the state’s highest office.

During the electoral campaigns, in both rounds, the newly elected president tried to show himself as a personality outside the establishment , while ensuring that he wanted to strengthen the free market model that exists in the country.

Among his promises are the fight against violence and “the insecurity that has taken over Ecuador” and a concrete response to the lack of jobs felt in the country. Noboa, in fact, has little time available to convince those who voted for him. His presidential mandate, being a continuation of that interrupted by the previous President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, with the early dissolution of Parliament through the so-called cross death , will last just 18 months and, in May 2025, Ecuador will once again go to the polls.

Daniel Noboa distinguished himself from the other candidates by showing that he was not tied to the polarization between Correísmo and anti-Correísmo, two political currents that have dominated Ecuadorian political life in the last twenty years.

For her part, Luisa González recognized her rival’s victory and promised him collaboration in Parliament, but “certainly not to privatize resources or make citizens’ lives precarious”, also demanding that Noboa fulfill the promises made to Ecuadorian citizens during the electoral campaign .

The still incumbent President Guillermo Lasso invited Noboa to a meeting at Carondelet, the presidential palace, to coordinate an immediate transition of command.

Photo: Marcos Pin (AFP)


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