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The Apostolic Nuncio and Ambassadors from around the world sent congratulatory notes to IPDAL for being granted the status of Consultative Observer of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP).

Messages of recognition arrived from the most varied diplomatic representations.

O Apostolic Nuncio , representative of the Holy See and dean of ambassadors in Portugal, congratulated “for the recognition of the work of IPDAL, I warmly congratulate him and hope that he continues to be successful in the task entrusted to him.”

According to the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia , Carmenza Jaramillo, “this recognition from the highest Portuguese-speaking body ensures the continuity and relevance of IPDAL’s invaluable contribution to strengthening Latin America – CPLP relations”

The Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela , Ambassador Lucas E. Rincón Romero, informed that such membership means a well-deserved recognition of the work done by the Institute, worthily presided over by President Paulo Neves, done in favor of the commercial promotion of countries in different geographic areas.

Ambassador Alfredo Pérez Bravo, from Mexico , also congratulated IPDAL, recognizing the commitment, dedication and commitment of the entire team that makes up it, expressing their full willingness to collaborate with the Institute, with the aim of deepening the interests of both countries.

The Ambassador of Paraguay considered that the granting of status to IPDAL “will certainly contribute even further to strengthening ties between the countries of Latin America, Europe and Africa”.

The Ambassador of Mozambique , expressed “complete willingness” to work with IPDAL “in the common interest of African, Latin American and CPLP countries”.

The Ambassador of Germany highlighted the “valuable performance of the institute in favor of the internationalization of the Portuguese economy”, hoping that “it will be a contribution to further deepening the increasingly closer ties between the countries of Latin America and the Member States of the CPLP”.

The Ambassador of Morocco considered that this statute “further reinforces the reputation and prestige” of the “honorable institution” that is IPDAL. The representative of His Majesty The King recalled that he always shows “great interest in the various activities” of the Institute and declared “I cannot help but be happy to see IPDAL integrate an organization as important as the CPLP, to which my country, the Kingdom of Morocco attaches enormous importance, aspiring to obtain associated observer status”.

The Ambassador of Tunisia He called IPDAL’s efforts “commendable” and offered “sincere congratulations”.

The Representative of the Economic and Cultural Center of Tapei , Abel Lin, considered that “this event reflects all the institutional and personal effort and dedication that led to this magnificent result”.